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The best socil media viral plugin for WordPressThere is no other WordPress traffic generator plug in that will increase you traffic so fast by using social media viral techniques. This plug in is designed to be polite, with minimum intrusiveness but still to increase your ‘Like’ ratio by many times which will increase your visitors, over and over again.

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More traffic means more money! This goes both informational blogs or if you are selling products on site. Increasing traffic is the biggest headache for all site owners, as buying traffic is expensive, and SEO methods take long time to work, and are never certain to increase your rank enough to generate real traffic. With the i Like viral traffic generator you will increase your traffic exponentially, provided that you have some minimum traffic already. If you have no traffic, this plug in can not help you as it counts on existing users referring your site to others.

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i Like viral software is bound to become a bestseller plugin for wordpressThe “i Like” viral WordPress plug in is bound to become a best seller instantly. This plug in multiplies visits to the user’s site so quickly that they don’t know what hit them.  We also offer a very generous affiliate program where all those who use the plug in also promote the plug in and can earn up to 55% of the plug-in’s sales price.

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Affiliate program for the I Like viral plugin for wordpressThe sooner you join the affiliate program the more money you will earn. This plug in is sure to be bought by thousands of WordPress users who want to increase visits to their blogs or get more traffic to their product pages. This plug in is perfect for all of those who have dreams about viral traffic but not yet found any suitable plug in. You still have time to be in front of the wave and take part in the profits this plug in will generate for both our affiliates and users of the plug in. Click here to join.